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Convivialité is a mode of living that helps us make new connections and open up to shared human experiences in our hyper-connected world

It is the magic of shared moments and the joy of discovering connections with other humans. You can make a difference by disconnecting from the digital world and spending time with those that mean the most to you.

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The Features: people, places and experiences to inspire conviviality

When Andy Warhol met Steve Jobs, 1984

Looking back at the moment the worlds of art and tech collided at a child’s birthday party.

5 min read Philly Byrne 14/11/2018
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Why are we so in love with escape rooms and other mystery events?

7 min read Jordi Lippe-McGraw 05/11/2018
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The Knowledge: All the know-how you need to be a true convivialist

4 Steps to Conviviality

Conviviality is one of the things that makes us human - it's pretty simple but let's break it down into a few easy steps.

2 min read The Convivialist 20/01/2019
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Quiz: What Kind of Convivialist Are You?

What does conviviality mean to you? Big family dinners…making new friends…solidarity with your fellow humans?

3 min read The Convivialist 20/01/2019
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