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How to be a Convivialist


Pernod Ricard

Convivialité is a mode of living that helps us make new connections and open up to shared human experiences in our hyper-connected world

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  • The People: Profiling inspiring convivialists
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  • The Season: Exploring traditional and alternative seasonal celebrations
  • The Moment: Historic meetings of mind that were made in the moment

Be a convivialist

Follow us on social for the latest tips on conviviality from The Knowledge. From the latest cocktail recipes to convivial getaways, listicles and curated content from VICE and World’s Best Bars  – its all the know-how you need to be a convivialist.

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Embrace the heart of conviviality spend time with those that mean the most to you. Check out our simple 4 step guide. Most importantly, don’t forget your camera to immortalize those moments!

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