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VICE REPORT PART 1: Exploring Conviviality



True to form VICE tells the story of the unusual. Meet the eccentric convivialists from around the world who are flouting the rules of normality to live extraordinary lives filled with joy and enthusiasm. This is conviviality coming to life in spontaneous, organic and wacky ways.

Dingle, Kerry, Ireland

The Cornerstone of Irish Culture

The pub may be a cornerstone of Irish culture, it’s tenfold here because Dingle without its pub would not be Dingle. For decades, the whole community has gathered around them. There are about 25 of them in this town of 2,050, which pops up the national average of one pub for every 666 people to one for every 82. In other words, pubs make Dingle’s life.

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Finn: The Front-room Publican

Customers here behave as if they were in their living room. They sit by the fire, pull out a guitar and start filling the pub with folk songs.

“They’re a lot of talented people here. They come to Dingle to record, play, paint. There is a good energy here”, Finn says.

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The Principality of Seborga, Italy

An Italian village with its own rules

Sixty years ago Giorgio Carbone turned this quiet Italian village into a close-knit community, bound together around the dream of being an independent principality. Seborga fed Giorgio’s whim – his obsession rhymed with lively anecdotes, proximity and warmth in the village, and so the Principality survived his death in 2009.

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Nina: A Low-Key Princess

After 50 years of being ruled with pure bonhomie and a pinch of eccentricity, it was clear to the village that a new Prince of Seborga had to be warmhearted. And while Marcello is rather discreet, Nina took her new role as a de-facto Princess enthusiastically.

“It’s really like a big family here”, Nina says. “We are working together at making nice things for the village.”

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Groix, Brittany, France

The Isle of Conviviality

Groxix, is a small island off the coast of French Brittany. The landscape is welcoming. Steep slopes are rare. Everywhere, the perspective is wide and bright. And all around the island, small hamlets spread human warmth. “Conviviality comes from the people here. But it’s also inherent to the island’s geography”, the bookstore keeper told me, and I can’t agree more.

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Ivi: Singer, Sailor, Convivialist

A giant man with sparkling blue eyes, he laughs cheerfully in his thick beard. Ivi knows everyone on the island and everyone loves him.

Holding on to the convivial reputation of the island, Ivi slid behind the bar and played some music. Quickly, Julien joined in, dancing wildly and playing another tune that Ivi sang out loud. Their energy and exhilarating complicity unstoppable.

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