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The Convivial-list: Fresh as a Daisy

Feeling fresh as a daisy and ready for a summer of fun and frolics with your besties? Not yet? Here are some tips to get you ready to socialise again.


Fill your home with blooms

The secret to self-care is treating yourself as you would a good friend. And what better way to give someone a boost than to buy them some flowers just because…try a flower subscription like Bouqs.

Treat yourself


Practice gratitude

Meditation is a tough skill to master and the art of stillness can seem so counter-intuitive. But it’s the perfect opportunity to practice gratitude – for the people in your life who lift you up. Take some time out before your next big gathering to remember why you need these people so much. If it's proving tricky try a guided meditation like Headspace.

Try Headspace


Get outside and have a stroll in nature

A stroll in the fresh air with good conversation is one of life’s precious gifts. Putting one foot in front of the other with another person is a true simple pleasure. Get away from the sirens and sidewalks, somewhere you can hear yourself think again. Bliss.

Explore green spaces


Netflix and Tidy

If everything is getting on top of you and it seems like your to-do list is running you then maybe you need to declutter. You know what they say tidy home, tidy mind. Watch Mario Kondo’s uber-popular Netflix show for some inspiration. With everything neatly in its place you can finally invite everyone around to yours for a soirèe.

Get inspired


Control your allergies

Snuffling and sneezing is a springtime tradition for many but you don’t need to hideaway! Try a stylish diffuser to help you control your allergies. This discreet little number purifies the air and can help ease headaches and reduce symptoms of allergies, asthma and sinusitis. You’ll be organising your next get-together in no time.

Clear your head